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"Really I don't know anything other than Jersey. I like the dirtiness of it...

...now I'm getting to see the world, but it's not better than Jersey."Frank Iero

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Emily was born in a small fishing village in east japan. When she was seven years of age her parents were eaten by a wild rhinosaurus (lol, Ronald Dahl). She was obviously devastated and the only thing she wanted to do was move to New Jersey. Because Belville is the first place a randomly depressed person wants to go (and by that I mean she was random AND depressed and hello, air pollution). Anywayz... Once in Belleville she descovered the wonderfulness of punk rock, jackass, and black clothing. She was your typical Catholic schoolgirl. Or so the idle Jersyians thought. They were easily deceived.

For years she attended Pency Prep. Her school days were filled with frolicing, putting kids in lockers, and dating her professors. Early in her middle school days Emily was struck by lightening. Metaphorically of course. Right... The bolt of lightening (out of the blue, you could say) came one day during lunchclass. She was standing off to the side when she noticed an exceptionally purplehaired student named Diana. She didn't really look like a lightening bolt, but glamour rock, hair dye, and a willingness to discuss "who would you rather have on a desert island for all eternaty"-David Bowie or Tim Armstrong for hours are powerful things. Fellow students quickly concluded that the pair were Weird, with a capital W. However, as weird girls everywhere know, nothing attracts fellas better than being a leader of the anti-stepford revolution. And thus, the love of Emily's life appeared one day when she opened her locker and a black-haired boy jumped out. Now, this might seem like a good time for Emily to become scared and run away, but be not misinformed, the "put new students in each other's lockers between classes" game was one Diana and Emily had been playing for some time. As fate would have it the catch of the day was a 5'4'' lip-ringed well-tattooed boy by the name of Frank. It said so on his jacket.

Seeing as Emily and Diana were foreign transfer students and living with foster families no one really kept tabs on them. This allowed for many a basement show to comense without so much as a "why are you climbing in your window at 2 a.m. smelling Frank's colone?". Peace reigned for some time in this manner. Growing up brings many things. For Diana and Emily the whole "we hate humanity" did not fade, but they found a few exceptions.

Band was where the first exception was found. His name was...not important. Emily and Diana and anyone that really matters called him Bob. Bryar. Bob Bryar. He played drums when he wasn't rolling out of windows and going undercover for the local branch of homeland security. The girls were very impressed by his passion for music and his patience with their boyfriends.Frank would fall onto Bob too many times to count during his drum solos. Gerard liked to draw a comic strip based around Super!Bob and would sometimes poke the drummer with the end of an art pen if he moved mid-plotline contenplation.

Gerard had come onto the scene on a Saturday night their softmore year. Emily and Diana had made friends with an adorbably shy boy named Mikey in their World History class. First it was "the ancient world sounds pretty hardcore" and "Alexander the Great was so a player" and finally, "hey, do you like Smashing Pumkins?". Angels sang, trumpets er... trumpeted, and shit like that (Diana and Emily had made a friend). But as with everything, Mikey came with strings attached. And a bass. They were pretty sure the bass was attached. The other attachment was marginally more attractive. Mikey's older brother was 5'8'', black-haired, with white skin that kinda made him look like a vampire (but hey, no one's complained yet), and a tendancy to wear eyeliner. He quickly taught Frank his ways. Or you could say Frank was taught by the Ways.... to be continued...
Haha Diana has WAY to much time on her hands lol!